Engineering Handbook

Built By Cactus - Engineering Handbook

This handbook isn’t here to teach anyone to become an engineer. Rather, it aims to illustrate how Built By Cactus work and document the best practices. It’s aimed more as a reference both internally and when working with external contractors.

The Goal

Here at Built By Cactus we provide companies and small businesses the technical know how to deliver their next project. Whether its building a new website or app, developing and designing new functionality or managing current architecture!

In order to put out amazing work every time, we need to standardise what we use and how we use it. Standardising the elements covered in this handbook allows Built By Cactus engineers to move from project to project without having to worry about re-learning how something has been structured. This enables us to both work faster and write more maintainable code for the future.

This handbook is not meant to be restrictive or comprehensive, sometimes we will have to work to a clients preferred style, but they are here to make everyone’s job easier so we ask that they are stuck to unless there’s good reason to deviate from them.

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Best Practices

This handbook will cover the way Built By Cactus does things, in order to keep projects performant.

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Style Guides

The handbook will talk about the preferred way of writing and styling your code and the all important tabs vs spaces.

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Testing Guidelines

Testing has never been more important in projects. The handbook will cover how to get set up with testing and which libraries are preferred.